Work Statement — 

A reluctant couch potato. Is laziness luxury? Unemployment is not my utopia. Insufficient funds isn't fun. This couch isn't comfortable and this potato is craving better soil.  The Couch (2017) is composed of chain link fencing, PVC pipe, and zip ties — materials acquired from the hardware store. Hard. Ware. The Couch aims to interpret a reality where discomfort is the new normal. Leisure is punishing. To be idle is to pretend to be okay with the unbearable thing you sit in. With this sculpture we ask, where does one hope, rest, contemplate, lay, when there is no comfortable place to "sit" in the world?



performance work by melriah 

photographic works by ayana zaire

cinematic works by samson binutu

motion picture edit and direction by ayana zaire

song "transcendence" by alice coltrane

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