Canvas Tunic




This collection all started with this tunic.

This tunic informed how the designer approached and treated the canvas.

Drop cloth canvas often used to protect valuables at construction sites.


One could say the relationship with the material is a love story and, this shape, the tunic was the first kiss.


Wear it as a dress or a shirt,

Fitting most bodies it’s love is


Canvas Straight Leg Pant


I had the chance to dine with a few pairs of pants that were fine.


One pair had buttons and although he’s old as hell he still gets invited because he has a lot offer.

One pair had zippers and she kept flying on about all the cool places she’s been.

One pair had snaps and expressed constant gratitude that they were still alive.


           When asked how I hold it all together, I told them with grommets and a              

           binder ring. I was so hip, innovative even. In their opinion I was beyond great.


Until I told them I was straight.


Front Seam Pant


Pants that make her dance.



But with rhythm.


Mock Neck Mini


An exhibition of lines.


                                                         A calming sight for the overwhelmed mind.     



                   No ruffle.                             No drape.                             No billow.                                                                   




 Ease your mind,                                                                                                                                                                                                          Enjoy the lines



Mock Neck Jumpsuit


Jump ahead of yourself.           






Fuck up.


Make a mistake.

Learn a lesson.

Make the same mistake.

Take better notes. 



                                                                            Jump ahead of yourself,                             

                                                       but look good while you do it.



High Collar Mini


Is mini short for minimalism?

Does retraction in size equate to streamlining?

The smaller the less distracting?

Is this true for everything except women's clothing?

The smaller the more distracting?

Wearing minimal clothing doesn't seem to correspond to the tenets of minimalism?


The mini skirt, mini top, mini dress?

The smaller the less distracting?

Is this true for everything except women's clothing?


Canvas Jumpsuit


What color collar does the artist wear?

What do their work pants look like?

Their suit?
Their uniform?

Is art not labor?

Are they eligible for worker’s comp?

Workers rights?

Where is their union?

What if they went on strike?

Do you think art is just a hobby?

Do I look like I’m having fun to you?

Can I accrue leave?

What are my hours?

Do I get a break?


Canvas Top


She understands the craft of sex.

The skilled craftsperson is dedicated.

They are patient and they trust the process.

The skilled craftsperson knows that it’s impossible to master a craft because it is






But she gets better with time and each passing project.


In every craft the hand is omnipotent.

Her hands do Godly things.

Front Seam Crop Top


Front seam crop top



                    There's two sides to me


Left brain. Right brain.

No particular order.

One can't exist without the other.

Don't make me any shorter.


High Collar Crop Top


Hide your mouth.

Show your eyes.

High collar.

High brow.

High expectation.


If not,


Then when?


High Collar Maxi


She reminds you of the beauty of craft.

The beauty of spending hours on one thing.

The beauty of studying one thing.

The beauty of teaching your hand and your body to master one thing.

The beauty of devoting your life to one thing.


Long enough to pass your ass

                     And cover your knees.


Creative Direction + Poetry: Ayana Zaire

Photography: Ayana Zaire

Performance: Synclair Taylor

Location: Redeem