I completed UNARMED my senior year of college (December 2015) in my Black & White film photography course. The project was created as a somber, emotionally raw resistance to police brutality that has been plaguing our communities, but really hit headlines in 2014. I shot the photos on a Canon film camera using black & white film and developed all the portraits in the University of Maryland darkroom. I used my father and younger brother as subjects in an effort to create emotionally raw portraits during a time where their right to exist in peace was called into question in our society with the terror police inflicted on black men and women coming to the forefront of our consciousness. When creating the portraits, as with all my work, I wanted to force the viewer to pause and adopt a new idea, a different way of understanding. I wanted to literally paint (on my subjects’ faces) a different narrative for black men in America. When you shoot an UNARMED man for fear of your life you murder a brother, son, father, leader, and a source of pride and love.