Created spring of 2015 in my Advanced Screenprinting course, is a series I call the “Neo-Quilt”. The primary intent of these projects was to experiment with the art of visual storytelling and the process of creating narratives you could see. Inspired by the phenomenon and ability to act as a “new age griot”, using new forms of communication like digital art and social media, I began to think about unconventional ways in which I can tell and add to our story. The “Neo-Quilt” was inspired by the century old tradition of quiltmaking, which was common in many black communities to tell stories, communicate, and keep history. This modern take on the quilt is comprised of 9 panels of raw canvas painted with gesso to prime the background and strengthen the fabric. I created digital collages from still frames from "The Black Power Mixtape" documentary. I printed, ripped, scanned and collaged in Photoshop which I then printed on film and used an image transfer solution to transpose the collages on the panels. The documentary the project was inspired by told the story by breaking it down by year, starting at 1967 going to 1975, so each panel was inspired by a year. It was important for me to re-imagine the story of the “Black Power Mixtape” documentary via fashion because it needed to exist on the body, in spaces where this story may not be talked about.