As part of the "Your Satisfaction is our Future" collection Zaire created "The World Is Her House", echoing the research on the concept of labor within the structure of capitalism.  By layering the Ousmane Sembene film "La noire de..." starring a young Senegalese woman who, after a search for work, becomes a domestic worker for a French family with audio from Jamaican poet and activist in "An Interview with Staceyann Chin" (2013), part of a series of conversations in Nairobi, Kenya with The Nest Collective — creating a conceptual essay juxtaposing socially rich visuals and audio. This essay aims to comment on how the consuming web of capitalism simultaneously entangles concepts of race, gender, sexuality, violence, power, labor, immigration, and globalization. When words weren't sufficient, she turned to film.

Work References:
"La noire de...", Ousmane Sembene. 1966
"An Interview with Staceyann Chin", The Nest Collective. 2013