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Zaire Studio is an art practice researching and designing for a post-work society.

Ayana Zaire Cotton is an interdisciplinary artist working in textiles, publishing, and technology. At the University of Maryland, she received a BA in Innovation, Design, and Society, a self created major – studying printmaking and philosophy to marketing and sculpture. In undergrad she launched a t-shirt campaign,  #IBEWOMAN, challenging beauty and sexuality standards. Ayana later launches DISTRIKT, a print publication that showcased the art, politics, and culture of the young creative community in the DC metro area.

She became an artist fellow for social change at the Halcyon House and received studio space in Georgetown, D.C. Ayana began “Your Satisfaction is our Future”, an apt project researching the concept of “labor” and it’s impact on the human condition. This resulted in garments activated by the human body, in public spaces, and started dialogues about the research. Zaire Studio was born. Concluding the 8-month residency Ayana exhibited "Your Satisfaction is our Future" at the Halcyon House group show. Today she researches post-work theory and labor studies.

Located in Washington, D.C. USA.